About Us

Neoticks LLC is a Michigan-based firm specializing in digital media marketing and development of SaaS products. If you want to create an awesome website to sell your products/services, we’re the ones you need to approach.


Our team includes some of the best web designers, content developers, software professionals, and internet marketers.


We have developed HomeWarrantyReviews.com, an online research platform to buy home warranties intelligently. Here, we have built many features like the Home Warranty Awards, Complaint Resolution Program (CRP), free tools like Home Maintenance Calculator & Advanced Search. So go get your free quotes from a top-rated home warranty company today!


And FileUnemployment.org, an online website to know everything about UI Claims in any state within the US. You can calculate your eligibility for UI Benefits by accessing our free calculators as well. When in doubt you can count on the vast knowledge resources available on the website!